Novel targets for crop protection

In collaboration with excellent academic groups, start-ups and crop science specialists, we aim to provide new solutions for increased crop productivity and a sustainable global food supply.

Apply now for a grant and develop your ideas for new molecular crop protection targets together with Bayer.

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What we are funding

Bayer offers you financial and scientific support to promote the exploration of your ideas for novel molecular targets towards the development of innovative new crop protection solutions for weed, pest and disease control.

Our aim is to translate innovation coming from research into modern crop protection products suitable for the future challenges of the global agricultural community.


We are looking for novel targets for innovative crop protection solutions
  • Pest Control: Solutions for insect, mites and nematode control
  • Disease Control: Solutions for fungal & oomycetes control
  • Weed Control: Novel herbicidal solutions

For example a protein (e.g. an enzyme, a receptor, a protein complex) whose activity can be modified by a compound (see below). The target should have been shown to be effective/mechanistically involved in a lethal/severe phenotype.

A compound can be for example a small-molecular-weight chemical, natural-product or a biological, such as proteins or peptides. This modulation should result from a direct interaction between the target and the compound.

Your benefits

Financial Support

There are two types of grants, that will be allocated by Bayer depending on the molecular target, the scientific data provided and the maturity of the proposal.

Support grants (€ 2,000 - € 10,000)*
For novel targets that are at a very early stage of discovery.

Focus grants (€ 10,000 - € 50,000)*
For more advanced proposals to support promising research towards a fully validated crop protection target.

* The size of the individual grant will depend on the target specifics and the state of development and validation.


  • The decision on grant allocation is made at the sole and absolute discretion of Bayer.
  • The applicant will retain ownership of any intellectual property he or she develops.
  • Special conditions may apply for proprietary targets and the in-licensing of targets.
Grants may be complemented by
Small Molecule Tool

Within Bayer Compound Collection, we may have chemical probes to support your validation efforts. Access to the compound library is subject to special conditions and will require a collaboration contract.

Assisting Technologies

We can offer access to different technologies to assist in your target validation, e.g. gene expression profiling or other state-of-the-art research technologies. Please detail your research interest for the technology platforms in the online submission.


Advanced proposals or projects supported by a grant may lead to extended collaborations.

If we are convinced by the data submitted or generated under one of the Grants we would be interested in an extended collaboration with you to leverage the potential of the target by means of broader in vitro and in vivo characterization.

Application Process

Next Deadline is currently not set

Applications are submitted via a simple electronic submission form requiring information details of your target and its validation status.
Confidential information should not be revealed at this stage.

6-8 Weeks after deadline

Your submission will be reviewed by senior scientists at Bayer's Division Crop Science. The decision on grant allocation and amount of funding is made dependent on the specific target and research plan proposed. Bayer commits to review all proposals within 8 weeks following the submission deadline. Each applicant will receive the evaluation result by email.

8 weeks after deadline

Successful applicants will be notified by Bayer and will receive further instructions concerning the grant. A Bayer caretaker will be in contact with you during the grant period.

Ready, set, submit

In the online submission form, please share with us the target details and its crop protection potential.

Your submission should include:

A short description of the molecular target, pathway, and its potential for crop protection.

Genetically validated in agronomical relevant organism or model organisms with a clear associated phenotype (proof for essentiality or pathogenicity).

  • Your proposal to assess target activity in vitro or in vivo.
  • Establish a connection between modulation of target activity by a compound and a biological phenotype.

Your proposal to assess target activity in vitro or in vivo.

Please provide a research plan detailing the work planned in the coming year after successful application.

You can upload any further documents in the submission form.


Submission reopening soon. Please check back in a few days

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